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Bill Deckelmann


I’m a retired school teacher who enjoys taking photographs. I have been married for 50 years to my wife, Claudia and we have two kids, Aimee and Scott.  They have given us four beautiful grandkids, Grace, Camden, June and Marty, which have been the subjects of thousands of photographs.  My introduction to photography began in the sixties in Nairobi, Kenya, at Nairobi School using  a Leica film camera back in the days when you carried a hand-held light meter.  You carried film rolls with you that had only 24 to 36 exposures per roll. You chose your shots carefully.  Photography followed me throughout my teaching career, filming football games, taking pictures at outdoor school and lots of pictures of my family.  Upon retirement my love for photography and birds has taken off. Scott cultivated my casual birding into a more passionate hobby. He introduced me to a pelagic birding experience, (birding in the ocean), the Malheur refuge and Texas. I would recommend these trips to everyone if birds interest you.  These days I spend my time taking day trips to the various refuges in the area. The majority of the pictures taken on this webpage were taken at Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge and Fernhill wetlands. It is amazing how many species of birds are all around us, if we just look up and slow down just a little bit. 

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